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Drop Tower

Drop Tower ride for hire.

The Drop Tower is a heart-stopping, stomach dropping, white-knuckle experience! This ride is for genuine thrill seekers and those who really want their event to stand out from the crowd.

Passengers are raised 140 feet up to the top of the tower. When at the top, there is time to take into the spectacular views that this incredible vantage point affords. Then... just when you’ve almost forgotten you’re on a thrill ride... DROP! The passengers are plummeted to the bottom in just a couple of seconds, leaving their stomachs at the top and their hearts in their mouths.

The sheer height of this attraction alone makes it an awesome spectacle to behold, even for those not brave enough to try it out for themselves.

If you think you can handle the Drop Tower, contact our events team today for a no obligation quote.

Drop Tower Ride For Hire

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