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Providing first-class modern and traditional rides for festivals, public events, corporate hospitality, television & film, promotions and private functions Worldwide

Funfair Attractions In Filming & Photography

Our rides and attractions have been hired for use in live broadcasts, photo shoots, TV adverts, television series’ and documentaries.  They are at your disposal whether they are needed for just a few hours or over a period of several days or months.  You can hire as little as a single children’s ride or as much as a fully operating fairground!

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

We have a vast amount of attractions available; modern and traditional, large and small.  Take a look at our extensive ride listings here.  If you have something specific in mind, even if you don’t see it featured, do contact us for help as with our in-depth knowledge and experience within our industry, we are likely to be able to source it for you.

Carousel Ride

Our team are used to working long and unsociable hours both in the UK and abroad, so are undaunted by a difficult or demanding schedule.  Distance is no problem as we have worked as far away as Dubai!  We are extremely flexible and relentless in our pursuit to fulfill our clients’ every need.

Fairground Filming

Attractions can be placed in an array of outdoor locations or even in an accommodating studio.  Not sure where best to film or shoot?  Ask us for some suggestions as we have traveled near and far to some spectacular locations and even some not-so spectacular ones!

We are able to advise on many aspects of fun fair operation in order to portray an element of realism to your filming and to get the most out of the rides.

Fairground rides provide an iconic image and offer a versatile, dynamic element to your filming.  They can evoke a sense of nostalgia, stir a fond memory or offer an impression of excitement and fun.  We understand that every project is unique, so why not contact us to discuss your individual requirements with one of our helpful team to see how our attractions can work for you!

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