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Our Safety Standards

For any good amusements operator, the safety of members of the public and of their staff should be absolute first priority when it comes to running an event, no matter how big or small.  For this reason, Better Rides take careful measures to ensure that the potential for the occurrence of accidents of any kind is kept as small as physically possible.  Our clients deserve to feel in safe hands.

We work within regulations and guidelines set out by HSE (Health & Safety Executive) in “Fairgrounds & Amusement Parks - Guidance on Safe Practice HSG 175”.

ADIPS Annual Safety Inspection

As well as the daily safety checks and maintenance carried out by our own experts, an ADIPS* engineer also carries out an annual thorough safety inspection before the attraction is passed as safe to operate.

The specially appointed engineer checks everything on the attraction that is essential to the safe operation of the ride.  This includes (where applicable), the structure, all the moving parts, passenger seats and safety harnesses, control box, emergency stop, electrical components and much more.  Of course, every inspection will vary depending on the nature of the attraction.

Copies of these safety certificates are available to clients upon request and will be available on the day.

(* Amusement Device Inspection Procedure Scheme )

Daily Inspection Check List

Every day before a ride is operated to the public, a general safety inspection takes place.  A trained member of staff has a specific list of things that they must go round and check.  Any defects or potential hazards must be recorded on the Daily Inspection Check List and reported to management.  The problem must then be put right and the ride tested before opening to the public.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a document which shows lists of the following:  potential hazards, who may be harmed by these hazards, what measures are taken to control these hazards.  It is important that all staff members are aware of potential problems and what part they play in keeping themselves and members of the public safe.  For this reason, Better Rides carry risk assessment documents covering various tasks for each attraction we operate.

Method Statement

A method statement is a document which clearly details the way in which a task is to be carried out (i.e. the event), outlining potential hazards and providing a step-by-step guide to how the task will be performed safely.

10 Million Public Liability Insurance

Better Rides carry Public Liability Insurance in the amount of 10,000,000 (ten million) on all of our attractions.  Not all operators are quite so well covered, so always check.

You can rest assured that no ride, game, stall or catering unit would be supplied to you without adequate cover.  Not only is it a requirement by law, but it gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Copies of our Public Liability Insurance certificates are available to clients upon request and will also be made available on the day.

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