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Bungee Trampolines

Bungee Trampolines for hire.

The Bungee Trampolines are fast becoming one of the most popular children’s attractions around, and it’s easy to see why!

With the aid of bungee ropes, children are able to reach new heights that they would not be able to achieve on a regular trampoline.  With the added safety of the harness, they are also able to do flips!

It’s a high energy activity and so is a fun form of exercise.

Bungee Trampolines For Hire

How It Works

The child is strapped in to a specially designed safety harness that passes around the waist and each thigh, then fastens securely with a click system buckle that the child will not be able to undo themselves.  Bungee ropes are securely attached to each side of the harness.

The operator then winches the bungee ropes upwards while the child starts jumping on the trampoline. The higher the bungee ropes go, the higher the child will be able to jump - as long as they can maintain momentum!

With instruction and supervision from the operator, confident children will be able to achieve back flips and front flips!

Bungee Trampolines For Hire

Thinking of Hiring This Attraction?

Some important points to consider before hiring this attraction are:

  • Is there enough space on the ground? The Bungee Trampolines require a space of 8.5m X 8.5m.  You must then also consider the space for people to move around the outside of the attraction if they are to be placed in a main area or walkway.
  • Is there enough height clearance?  The Bungee Trampolines require 7m clear headroom with no overhanging trees or cables etc.
  • The ground must be level.
  • The Bungee Trampoline should not be used by any person with any of the following conditions:  Broken bones, heart conditions, back or neck problems, pregnancy or any other condition which could be affected by a ride such as this.  The Bungee Trampolines cannot be used by anyone over 14 stone (90kg) in weight
Bungee Trampolines For Hire
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