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Rides for Charity Events

How Funfair Rides Can Raise Funds For Your Charity

We are always pleased to be associated with charity fund-raisers.  Funfair rides can add a really fun element to such events!  We often receive enquiries into the different ways rides can be incorporated into a fund-raiser.  Here are some of the options available:

  • The rides are hired by you at a set price.  You may then charge visitors the ticket price of your choice.  All funds raised will be yours to retain.
  • For larger events we may be willing to pay you a set site rental fee.  Funds raised would be ours to retain, but you have a guaranteed sum for your charity.
  • In some instances it may be possible to work on a revenue share.  No site rental fee would be paid by us to you, but profits are divided at a pre-determined percentage between us and you.

Is It Affordable?

We want you to generate as much revenue for your charity as possible so we we will always give you the best possible price for attractions.  However, you may still find that if your event is relatively small, big rides may not be a viable option as they will usually cost into four-digit sums to hire.  You may find that fund-raisers that are tied in with a larger, mass participation event (such as a fun run or concert) would stand a better chance of working with major attractions.  Our most popular attraction for events of this type is the Reverse Bungee where the fund-raising organiser gets sponsorship for participants or charges a fare for riding (or both!).

If your event is small (less than 2000 visitors) and you aren’t going down the route of Bungee sponsorship, you could consider smaller attractions such as Juvenile rides, games or Candy Floss.  You are still adding a little something extra to entice visitors to your event, but it would be a much more financially viable option.

The financial options available will largely depend on the size, type and location of your event.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your event.

For full listings of the rides and attractions we have available for hire for your event, check out our attractions listings.

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