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Event & Funfair Planning Advice

We understand the huge amount of planning and work that can go into putting on an event.  We aim to make the planning of rides and mobile catering one less thing you have to worry about.  We have attended every type of event imaginable and know what will work and what you should avoid.  We have years of experience, so rest assured you’re in capable hands! Here we have put together some useful hints and tips to make your life easier!

Think about your target audience:

The type of event you are planning will dictate the age group and type of people that will attend.  For example, an extreme sports event may have a higher percentage of 15 - 25 year olds, but a family fun day will, of course, attract families, usually with small children.  It may sound like stating the obvious but there is little call for a cups and saucers ride at an adrenaline orientated event - there probably won’t be any children there!  It is therefore essential to think about who your potential visitors are and match them to the attractions that you use.


Although we have successfully arranged “last minute” events in the past, the more notice you can provide will usually increase the amount and variety of attractions available to you.  For a peak season (summer) event in particular, you should begin planning several months in advance.  However, if your event is drawing near and you do not yet have your funfair in place, don’t panic.  Contact us now and we will discuss your options.

Siting of attractions:

The correct siting of your rides and games is extremely important and there are several things to consider.  For a public event especially (where operators will probably be charging members of the public), it is essential that the funfair is placed in an area of constant “foot traffic”.  Funfairs that are placed in an area whereby visitors have to make a special trip to get there, often prove unsuccessful.  But don’t worry - we can discuss site plans with you during the planning stages of your event and decide upon a mutually agreeable position for the funfair.

Laying out a funfair:

Funfairs benefit from an inviting “open” look - that is, that it does not close itself in with the backs of rides and games facing the visitors.  This layout neither contributes to the aesthetics of the event nor enables visitors to see what fun is on offer.  However, we are experts in setting out funfairs and can handle this for you completely.  You needn’t even think about it!

Site Access and Suitability:

With the exception of many small children’s rides and games, you will find that many attractions are truck-mounted and are transported by lorry.  As these vehicles are quite long (usually about the length of a standard supermarket lorry), you will need to ensure there is good access to the site.  You will need to think about roadways and gates.  You will also need to ensure there is adequate space to maneuver once inside the site.  Overhanging cables and trees can pose a problem for some attractions, as can particularly un-level ground.

Rides are usually truck-mounted and the adult rides are often extremely heavy.  Although we always do our best to minismise it, on soft grassy areas (particularly following rainfall) there is a chance of damage to the ground from movement of the vehicles.  This will of course naturally rectify itself in time once the grass grows back, but it may be something you need to bear in mind if you are planning to use a well-maintained grass area or someone else’s land.

We will happily discuss any concerns you may have - you may find it’s not such a problem after all!

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