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Providing first-class modern and traditional rides for festivals, public events, corporate hospitality, television & film, promotions and private functions Worldwide

Overseas Events

We can and do attend events Worldwide to bring fun-seekers our exciting rides and attractions.

What is involved?

For an overseas event, the more notice you are able to provide the better, as there is more involved with the planning of an event abroad than for a standard UK event.

We will need to know the itinerary for your event, for example - do you plan on touring the rides or staying in one location?  How many days do you wish to operate the rides and what will the opening hours be?

We can provide staff to transport the rides to the desired location, build the rides, operate the rides and dismantle the rides.

It is possible to hire one ride or many rides.  We are able to supply a wide variety of rides and attractions; large and small.

La Grande Rou

What are the payment terms?

For long-term events, discount will be available.

Shipping costs are payable by you.  You will be charged from the day the attractions depart from the UK until they arrive back in the UK.

All fees must be fully cleared before any rides are shipped.

Traveling Beyond Europe

Although we never say never, it is usually not feasible to hire attractions to “long-haul” destinations (eg. Australia, Asia, South America etc.) on a short-term basis due the time scale of shipping and huge expenses involved (both foreseen and unforeseen!). However, it is certainly possible to bring rides along for longer term events. Indeed, we have operated at such events as far away as Hong Kong, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Le mans, France
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