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Providing first-class modern and traditional rides for festivals, public events, corporate hospitality, television & film, promotions and private functions Worldwide

Traditional & Modern Fairgrounds

Better Rides are able to provide fairgrounds at locations around the UK at all manor of venues from town centers to show grounds and from car parks to country parks!

A “traditional fairground” will usually be a mix of some thrill rides, some well-known family rides, some juvenile rides, some side shows, some fairground games and catering. 

However, if you are looking for something a little bit different, why not consider a more contemporary style of Fairground?  The “continental style” is emerging as a very popular type of fair which favours Giant Wheels and Bratwurst Sausages over Waltzers and Hamburgers.  Or have you considered an “all adrenaline” fair, jam-packed with thrill rides?  Perhaps you are interested in catering solely to children and a Kiddie fun fair would be appropriate?  Or do you have a particular theme that you would like the fairground to be in keeping with?

Whatever you are looking for, we are here to help you get the most from your fairground!

Traditional Fairground

What might my financial options be?

The size, type and location of your event as well as the expected footfall will determine the financial options available to you. The typical options are:

Set hire price - You hire the attractions from us at a set price. It is then your choice whether to allow your visitors to ride for free or whether to charge them a fee, as any revenue generated would be yours to retain.

Profit share - We charge members of the public but the profits are split between us and you at a predetermined ratio. This financial option is typically only available for large scale and high profile events.

We pay site rental to you - We pay you a set site rental fee. We then charge the public and keep all profits for ourselves. This option is typically only available for large scale or high profile events.


What might I need to consider?

When adding attractions to your event, there are several things to consider logistically:

Access - How is access to the site? The larger rides are transported on large trucks (approximately the size a supermarket lorry). Therefore, they require good clear access to the site. You should think about roadways, gates, overhead obstructions, trees and other obstacles.

Weight limits - Some rides are very heavy so you should consider any weight limits that may be in place.

Suitability of the ground - Most attractions will require level, hard-standing ground on which to be sited. If your site has a slight gradient, some attractions will be able to adapt to a certain extent. If you plan to site your rides on a field which is soft, rides may become stuck which will of course cause problems. The recovery of stuck rides and vehicles can be costly, time consuming and cause damage to both the rides/vehicles and ground.

Lead time - We have successfully organised and executed events at short notice. However, the more time we have to work on an event, the wider your choice of attractions will be and the less chance there will be of problems arising. If your event is approaching and you do not yet have your Fairground rides in place, don’t panic! It may not be too late. Contact our helpful team today and we will discuss your options.

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