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Reverse Bungee

Better Rides is the proud home of the World’s tallest mobile Reverse Bungee! We pride ourselves in being the absolute best when it comes to operation, safety and presentation.

Sometimes referred to as the “Sling Shot”, “Bungee Ball” or “Bungee Rocket”, The Reverse Bungee is a truly breathtaking experience where two brave riders are catapulted high up into the air at totally ludicrous speeds, spinning and bouncing as they go!

It’s a fully mobile attraction available for hire throughout the UK and Europe.

Slingshot Ride For Hire

How It Works

The Gondola (the sphere holding the passengers) is held firmly in place by a very strong electro-magnet. Two winches that are positioned on either side then stretch the rubber cords up to the tops of the towers. Once they reach the top, the magnet is released and the ball is catapulted 182 feet in the air!  The gondola is free spinning, so as well as experiencing acceleration of up to 4.8g, riders also turn over and over!

We are able to capture the live footage of each ride for spectators to watch thanks to the camera fitted inside the gondola. This footage is also available to purchase on DVD from the cash desk as a great lasting souvenir to prove your bravery to any doubting family and friends!

Bungee Ball

Is It Safe?

Yes! The passengers are first secured by an airplane safety lap belt. A padded safety bar then comes down over their shoulders and locks into position. A further belt is then secured from the seat (between the legs) to the over-shoulder safety restraint.

Each pair of bungee cords have a strict life span. Each jump is recorded by computer, which tells the operator when the bungee cords are due to be replaced to ensure the elastic is strong and does not become too worn. In the unlikely event that a bungee cord should fail, there is an additional safety rope coiled within the elastics to prevent the gondola from falling.

Safety checks and maintenance are carried out daily by our own experts, and an ADIPS* engineer carries out an annual safety inspection before the attraction is passed as safe to operate; copies of these safety certificates are available to clients upon request.

(* Amusement Device Inspection Procedure Scheme )

Important Information

Tower height: 38m

Launch height: 55m

Maximum G force: 4.8g

Width (frontage): 22.5m

Depth: 8.5m

Passenger capacity: 2

Minimum rider height: 140cm

Maximum combined rider weight: 150kg

See the Reverse Bungee in Action!


As Seen on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

Did you catch 2014’s season of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway? If so, you will have seen our Reverse Bungee transformed into the main spectacle of the game “Place on the Plane”. Brave contestants were launched over 180 feet into the air alongside SNTA pilot “Otto” to win tickets to Florida! Read all about it in our Saturday Night Takeaway article.

Our Reverse Bungee - as seen on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
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